connect wifi to any open access point

connect to access point

ifconfig <deviceid> -nwid -wpa -nwkey

get ip address from dhcp

dhclient <deviceid>


jruby OpenBSD postgresql ruby

Ruby Sequel Web Application

Finally im able to create a simple web application using ruby with sinatra,sequel, postgres.

jruby OpenBSD

Exploring Ruby ORM : Sequel gem

For Jruby, install sequel gem as follow

jruby OpenBSD ruby

Ruby/Jruby : List installed files by a gem

To list installed files by a gem execute command :

jruby -S gem contents [gem_name]

For example to show files from jdbc-h2 gem we do as follow

try it for ruby

gem contents [gem_name]

bye for now …

jruby OpenBSD

Jruby version and gem list, prepare for sinatra web app

Here is my jruby version and gem list

continued gem list

OpenBSD ruby

Browse Ruby Gem On Your System Easily

Ruby manage gem by using gem command.

An interesting command is :

gem server