Try Ruby website and Showing String method list

We can try ruby language online by using website. We can also follow 15 minutes interactive tutorial by typing help [enter]. On capture below i am trying to show String class method list and also an instance of String method list. Sometimes we forget a class methods name but on ruby we can do varname.methods to get method name list.

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First Time Upgrading OpenBSD

Open BSD 6.2 was released on Oct 2017 and i am curious how to upgrade my Open BSD 6.1 laptop. From what i read/know, upgrading OpenBSD must be done from a version to the next version following that version. In my case i want to upgrade from 6.1 to 6.2.

Start with downloading files from your favorite OpenBSD mirror and get these following files.

  1. bsd
  3. bsd.rd
  4. All Files end with .tgz

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