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Starting GUI Programming using Code::Block and WxWidgets

I decide now is time for some trial of GUI programming on my manjaro linux installation. After browsing on the net for some time, tonigth im installing and using codeblock for the first time.

Lets add it to our manjaro linux system by using add remove program.

Here is the splash screen after executing code block and the view of the IDE.

Click on the Create a new project link on start here page and choose GUI wxwidgets.

Lets name the project as helloworld.

Use wxSmith as preffered GUI builder (included in codeblock).

GNU GCC compiler already installed on manjaro linux.

Just use default.

Add wxboxsizer to frame.

Set wxboxsizer orientation to vertical.

add button inside sizer.

There is error message when i add it but choose continue anyway.

Add 2nd button inside sizer so it will stack vertically inside sizer.

Click on event tab for button 1.

Choose add new handler.

Name the handler for button 1.

Add wxmessage to the button 1 handler to show some message if button 1 clicked.

Click build and run icon.

This is the GUI application.

Click button 1 and it show some message.



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