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OpenBSD 6.3 install php7 on httpd

Trying to follow instruction from (thanks to the creator).

Steps taken to install php7 on httpd (OpenBSD 6.3) as follow.

  • install php packages
    • pkg_add php
    • choose php version 7
    • rcctl enable php70_fpm
  • create /etc/httpd.conf

Example /etc/httpd.conf
# paths are relative to chroot – e.g, ‘/var/www/run/php-fpm.sock’
server “default” {
listen on * port 80
location “*.php” {
fastcgi socket “/run/php-fpm.sock”
directory index index.php
root “/htdocs”

  • copy localtime and hosts files from /etc to /var/www/etc
  • rcctl enable httpd
  • restart or rcctl start php70_fpm and rcctl start httpd

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