Minimum Profit : A Programmer Text Editor

Minimum Profit is a text editor for programmer available to download from I accidentally found this software from article related to OpenBSD and the author is the creator of this mp editor. The downloads are available in source and windows executable (Wow).

I managed to compile mp 5.38 on debian 10 using ncursesw driver which is already available on my laptop. Compilation step as follow.

  1. download mp-5.38.tar.gz
  2. extract mp-5.38.tar.gz (will create a folder named mp-5.38).
  3. open folder and copy mpdm folder inside to be the same level with mp-5.38 folder.
  4. open terminal and cd to mp-5.38/mpdm folder.
  5. run ./ then make on mpdm folder.
  6. repeat on copied mpdm folder.
  7. open terminal and cd to mp-5.38/mpsl folder.
  8. run ./ then make on mpdm folder.
  9. open terminal and cd to mp-5.38 folder.
  10. run ./ then make.
  11. run make install
  12. mp-5 will be installed.

Here i show mp sources folder prepared for compile on my home folder.


Execute mp-5 on terminal after successful compilation and install. Im showing the menu on this capture. We can show menu by typing ctrl-a as suggested by a text on bottom right of mp screen.

Thanks and good night.

Im waiting to install on OpenBSD !

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