Cpanel : Setup Python App

This one applied to cpanel 88.0.12, lets say we want to create a pyapp application.

Click the below image on your cpanel to start.

Click Create application then fill in form.


application root : folder name located on your home folder to contain your application files.

application url : url to access your application.

application start up file : an py file located on application root.

application entry point : object name (just fill application here).

Create the application after filling in form then edit the app to add module needed by the app. Click pencil button on app list to edit it.

In case we need to install module like Flask and pymysql, create a text file requirement.txt on application root contain your module name.

Then run pip based on the file.

Click add then the file will be available to select from “Run Pip Install” button.

You can edit the application located on application root folder specified and add your files there.

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