jEdit is a java based editor for programmer, so it will run on many platform : windows, linux, mac.

First download jEdit installer from the web.

I choose to download java based installer and start it on my windows based laptop.

After a while a dialog will show up.


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Atom Editor

I have heard about atom editor from various source and want to give it a try. Manjaro linux have atom package on its repo and i think its a good time to test it. Browse web site to read more about atom editor.

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Vim text editor for windows

Tonight i want to install vim for windows on my Win 10 laptop.

Download the installer of gvim80-586.exe from url

Install it and follow till the end.

At the end we can choose to show readme like above.

Done installing and try to launch gvim from start menu by searching gvim.

Using gvim (gui version) is easier because we have access to menu instead of typing command.

Bluefish editor for programming

If you a programmer you can use vi or vim or nano to code. Sometimes it just not enough feature or give comfort. I use an editor called bluefish. Install it from package like this :

For openbsd do pkg_add bluefish

If installing for openbsd dont forget to set your PKG_PATH env variable.

For Dragonfly BSD do pkg install bluefish

Bluefish have a good support for html tags and ruby language. See bluefish screenshot below.

Happy coding all !