Howto connect my Wifi

If you have a wifi on your laptop you can connect manually by :

  1. login as root or do su
  2. ifconfig [device] nwid [network name] wpakey [password]
  3. dhclient [device]

Device example is iwn0, vlan0,alc0 (see man ifconfig for detailed option available)

To automatically connect after boot we need to do as follow :

  1. edit /etc/hostname.[device name]
  2. set parameter
  3. save file

pretty easy huh …

Finding Your Program On OpenBSD Ports

OpenBSD have a package called sqlports and sqlports-compact which contain sqlite database about ports.

add to your system using

pkg_add sqlports-compact

see pkg_info on sqlports-compact below

Location of the database and  sample query

We can use a GUI sqlite manager program called sqliteman, its easier.

Add it to your system

pkg_add sqliteman

see below the look and fee of sqliteman

bye for now …