OpenBSD Java 8 Install

To get java we can install jdk. OpenBSD 6.1 have 2 packages of jdk which is 1.7 and 1.8.

To install jdk package do pkg_add jdk then choose which version you want to install.


Finding Your Program On OpenBSD Ports

OpenBSD have a package called sqlports and sqlports-compact which contain sqlite database about ports.

add to your system using

pkg_add sqlports-compact

see pkg_info on sqlports-compact below

Location of the database and  sample query

We can use a GUI sqlite manager program called sqliteman, its easier.

Add it to your system

pkg_add sqliteman

see below the look and fee of sqliteman

bye for now …


Capturing Screenshot From OpenBSD

To be able to take screenshot we can use xpaint program on OpenBSD.

Install xpaint using pkg_add xpaint.

To select screen area to be captured use a menu from xpaint

Use menu save from parent menu file to save your screen capture.

Thats it …


Install Postgresql On OpenBSD 6.1

Before executing below step login as root to your OpenBSD

1. make sure PKG_PATH is correctly pointing to mirror containing openbsd package.


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