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Tkinter Application with login form

Hooray this is my first python post !

Here i want to share a tkinter based application on python 3 with login form. If user is logging in by clicked a login button then login form will disappear and main form will show up. This code is not connected to database yet ! Only playing with 2 toplevel tk window placement and control its state.

Donwload py source code below.


tcl Tk

2nd Update : My First Tcl/Tk Application

Tonight i just want to implement searching note by keyword, and its done. Download source code below.


May be this will be the final update for the application.

Execute it using wish not tclsh …

tcl Tk

Tcl/Tk : Another hello world

Hello world using tcl/tk presented below may be more clear than oneliner before.

  1. create a label named .label1 with hello world text
  2. create a button named .button1 with OK text and will do exit when clicked.
  3. pack .label1 to make it showed on screen.
  4. pack .button1 to make it showed on screen below .label1.

Here is the result.


tcl Tk

Tcl/Tk Hello world in a line

Creating classic hello world program using GUI in Tcl/Tk can be done in few lines or may be only a line !

Oneliner can do below.

pack [button .b1 -text “Hello World” -command exit -width 50]

This line can be read : pack a button named .b1 with hello world text and exit command when clicked.

Save it to hello_oneline.tcl then run on command prompt : wish hello_oneline.tcl.


Click the button and the window will close.

Bye ..